Buying Happiness

            One day when he came back from the office, he whooped with joy, “Hey Sheena, I’m home”. She was so surprised to see him this happy. “What happened?” she asked jubilantly. He told her that his boss promoted him to the manager position. “I told you, you will get whatever you want”, she was happy for him. After three years of hard work, he was finally promoted to a good position; he was happy that things will get better between him and Sheena, and they will now live a life in which they can have everything.

            It was about a year now since they had married. Sheena was not much happy, and she usually complained to her husband, Azam. Azam was so tired of being complained all the time, he even talked about it with Sheena many times, but she never took it seriously.  They both were worried about their relationship, so they both tried to sort that out, but it never worked for them. But this time, it was different, he was promoted to a good position and he could now afford all she wanted.

            On his promotion day, he very happily said, “Let’s go for dinner” to Sheena. Sheena got excited about the dinner; they both got ready and went to the most expensive and beautiful restaurant in the town for dinner. After dinner, he took her for shopping in the mall, and bought new clothes for her and asked her to buy everything she once wished for.

            Sheena pretended to be happy but failed miserably. It was clear from her face that she was not happy, Azam realized that she is not happy even after everything he had done for her.  He drew Sheena’s attention towards himself, “What happened?” asked Azam. There was a pause, and then she said, “Nothing”. He asked again “What happened?” She again said “Nothing” and requested him to take her back to the home.   He said if it’s nothing then what is the problem with you? Why are you not happy? And what is bothering you?

            “I said, nothing”, she said in an annoying sound, “I just want to go home, please take me back”, said Sheena.  After that, Azam took her back home and they didn’t say a single word to each other after that conversation. Azam was upset and so was Sheena. Azam was feeling bad and he was angry about Sheena’s behavior, he thought that he had provided everything to Sheena, and she was still not happy. They both spent the whole night thinking something and without talking to each other. After that night, they started to live the life they were previously living.

            Azam was disheartened because of his wife’s behavior. He was unable to understand the behavior of his wife, but he was just quiet. One day, while coming back from the office, he stopped at a Dhaba for taking food because his wife was ill. There, he saw a poor couple working on that Dhaba; they had not good clothes for wearing but they were happy, they were not living a luxurious life, they were just living a simple but happy life. Seeing them happy, Azam realized that Money can’t buy happiness and he realized that Sheena doesn’t need expensive things, she needs my time, and she needs peace in her life.

            The very next day, he took Sheena to the same Dhaba and opened himself up in front of her, he shared everything with her, he shared all the troubles he had faced, or he was facing, and he, for the first time since their marriage, talked about “them”. On that day, he saw Sheena the really happy, the happiness was clearly visible from her eyes, and it was very easy to say that “She was happy”.

            She was more satisfied than being happy. She wanted that moment of happiness, peace, and satisfaction to last forever. While returning back home, she said to Azam “Thank you so much for everything.” After that Azam held her hand and said, “You are the most important person in my life, and I promise I will do whatever I can to keep you happy and smiling.” These lines made Sheena's day more beautiful than before.

            That day changed their life in a very positive way and after that day, they both started living happily.


Posted: 03 Mar 2021

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Amazing 👌🏻
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We all think differently but the concept of this story is falwed too much
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A reciprocal approach can be seen in this blog as a contemporary woman wants 'money', 'shopping', 'hangouts' and 'freedom' which he provides in the first part of the story. What else she is in need? NOTHING. But what I say, its your writing style. Anyhow, it is a good effort.
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