Fear of a Student

Hey, look at this guy, once he used to be a brilliant student. Now what? Struggling like a donkey haha. What did he do in his 16 years of education? What he is earning now? What, still looking for a job? Oh look at that poor guy, he is still struggling. Even a laborer from a factory is earning but what he is earning after 16 years of education in a private university? He just wasted his parent's money that they invested in him and that too in lacs which is quite a big amount now what he is giving them in return? What? Struggling in return? Wow! He is such a loser. If your parents would have invested this money in some business, you would be a successful person by now but you preferred education which turned out to be a total waste for you because you didn't get a job.

These are the things said by people close to you because they want you to be unsuccessful as much as your parents want you to be successful. Like it or not but this is the reality. By hearing these types of nonsense and thinking a lot about them, most of the students drowning themselves in depression, committing suicide, and running away from their hometowns just because of fear of failure. And sadly, this happens in almost every family, especially in Asian countries.

It’s okay if you do not find a job but at least you are trying, so just stay put and show consistency I’m damn sure you will find the best job, and you will also start a good business. Life isn’t smooth you just don’t get everything in a very short time. It takes some struggle to achieve your aim, but keep in mind that you don’t have to think about those who are taunting you. These people are your enemies, not your close ones, and it’s their habit to interfere in everyone’s life and degrade others as they invested their money in you, not your parents. Do not bat an eye on them, they will demote you till death because it’s their hobby, they are born for this.

So, stay calm, don’t be depressed, and show consistency towards your aim because one day or the other you will achieve what you want. Try to develop your skills in whatever field you love but remember to choose the right path on your way to success. Just do not tell your goals to everyone because not everyone wants you to be successful, they will show fake emotions but deep inside they would never want you to be a successful person. So stay underground and polish your skills, you’ll become a successful personality even without knowing.

Remember few things:

When you will be a victorious person just don’t be like others, always be humble and stay down to earth. Just don’t get jealous of others, always think good about everyone. Show your support to those who are struggling, never forget about your past that how much you struggled throughout your life. You know you didn’t get support from anyone, it doesn’t mean that you should also not support others. Be supportive and helpful to the ones who are in need. Life isn’t easy but it will be easy one day, show your determination and passion, that’s all. As said by someone:

The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.

Self-realization demands very great struggle.

Posted: 09 Mar 2021

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