Freelancing - Advantages and Disadvantages

In freelancing, people work for themselves, not for any corporation. They work from home. In the current pandemic situation, It is tough to go outside and find work or do any job. So, it is the best alternative to sit home and do work from home. You have to polish your skill and start to work professionally in any freelance marketplace. You can earn money by doing Freelancing Jobs. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. 



Some advantages are: 

  • Flexibility of location

You do not need to sit in the office and work 9-5. You can choose the work time of your own. You can work whenever you are free. If you want to go to any other city or country, you only have to pick your laptop to work on your project.

  • Independence

Some people do not like to follow the rules in the office. Like do not get late, do not use mobile and many others. You do not have to follow bossy rules in freelancing. You are your own boss.

  • Save Time

You do not have to waste traveling time from office to home and home to office.

  • Freedom of Clients 

You choose your projects and clients. You can determine with whom you want to work and what kind of project you want to do.

  • Flexibility of Rates

You can decide the rates according to your expenses.

  • Gain Experience

You can get experience in different types of projects. When you work in one company, you do not gain expertise on other projects. 

  • Profit

In freelancing, you can get a minimum of 80% on every project but, in offices, you get only 5-10% on each project. 


Some disadvantages are:

  • Variable workload

Sometimes, you have many projects that you cannot manage, and sometimes, you do not have projects.

  • Introvert

Sometimes you have many projects and, you have to become an introvert to complete the project. You cannot distinguish the family/friend's time and work time.

  • Extra Benefits

In the office, you get health insurance and many other insurances but, in freelancing, you have to fund your insurances. There are no extra expenses in freelancing.

  • Scam

You have to examine scam messages or projects. You have to face many scammers like buyer awards you the project and, after completion, he/she satisfies with the work but canceled the project and does not give you money. 

  • Promote your skills

It is too difficult to get projects on any freelance marketplace. You have to promote your skills to get more projects. 



     Through freelancing, you can work without restrictions of any work location and working hours. You can show your skill through the freelance marketplace. Also, you have the opportunity to promote your business worldwide. You can also earn handsome money. The drawback of freelancing is to meet the deadlines of the project; you have to become an introvert. Many other skills are enhanced by freelancing like communication skills, critical thinking, etc. You can also learn: How to manage your time? How to promote your skills? How to manage your expenses? 


Posted: 04 Dec 2020

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