How to Get Rid of Bad Habits easier?

Everyone has habits that can be bad or good. Our habits can make us and break us. A bad habit can ruin our life easier, and we want to get rid of it, but it is too tough for us to change these habits. By getting rid of it, our lives will completely change. These habits affect us mentally as well as physically. Some bad habits are overthinking, procrastination, fidgeting, getting angry, smoking, etc. Sometimes, these habits ruin relationships and friendships. If we have a bad habit of getting angry at small issues, then we can simply ruin our lives. These habits waste our energy and time. Our bad habits create obstacles in the way of our goals. Break your bad habits so that you can achieve your goals and improve your life. 

“Good habits are the key to all success. Bad habits are the unlocked door to failure.”




Ways to get rid of the Bad Habits.

Why do you want to change?

It is easy to get rid of bad habits when you remember the benefits. Firstly, decide Why you want to change your habits? What you want to become? And what are the advantages after changing your habits? Remind yourself you will escape from your bad habits in the future.

Make a list of your bad habits.

Write down the bad habits that you want to change. Try to change small habits first. Changing small bad habits is the first step to change your personality. We think small changes are not transforming our lives, but the truth is they can really affect our lives and motivates us to change substantially.

Set your goals!

Try to set your goals to change your habits. Challenge yourself to quit your bad habits in one month or more. Commit with yourself that I have to change my bad habits and do whatever you want to do to change these habits. 

Motivate yourself.

Give your best to change these habits. Read motivational books and biography and motivate yourself. Compare yourself to the past yourself and think how much you have changed.

Be kind-hearted and tolerant with yourself!

Give time to yourself. Everything you want to change can take time. Do not make excuses to yourself. If you fail, then do not lose hope. It is okay to fail sometimes. Failure makes you stronger. Switch the word “I can’t” into “I can”. Believe in yourself and believe that you are strong enough to do whatever you want.

Switch your environment!

If you are in an environment where you do not concentrate on your goal of changing bad habits, then switch your environment. For example, if you want to quit smoking and your friends do smoke then, keep the distance from those friends.

Replace your bad habits with good ones!

It is an easy way to change bad habits. Replace your bad habits with the good habits. For example, if you want to quit junk food, then try delicious healthy dishes and see the advantages of healthy food.

Remind yourself!

Remind yourself to stay away from bad habits. Use sticky notes, stickers, and other graphical ideas that help you to concentrate on your goal.


Your willpower is one of the most important habits that will make you better in all aspects of life. It is the biggest human strength. Try to build it.



Posted: 29 Jan 2021

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