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          Firstly, you have to learn any skill to become a freelancer. Web Development, Graphic Designing, Article Writing, Mobile Development, and SEO are the most famous skills in freelancing. Then find which marketplace is suitable for you and register yourself on it. Some popular freelancing marketplaces are Fiverr, Guru, Upwork, People per Hour, and freelancer. After registering yourself, you have to complete your profile by adding your description of the skill that you offer and also mention the rates of your skills.

What is Bidding?

     The buyer posts their project in the freelance marketplace. Freelancer selects the project which matches his skill set and bids it. Freelancers write the delivery time, cost, and description that why he is suitable for his work in the bid (I will show some good examples to attract clients in my upcoming posts, stay followed). Freelancers also share some projects that they have done in the past. In most freelancing marketplaces, you cannot contact the buyers directly. When the buyer replies to your bid and opens the Private Mail Box, then you can talk to the buyer. There is a bid limit in all freelance marketplace. In Fiverr, you can send ten bids in a day. In freelancer, your bid limit is depending on the membership type, in free membership type, you can get six bids per month. You have a maximum connects limit is 140 in freelancer basic and freelancer plus, and in agency basic and agency plus (membership type), you have a maximum of 400 connects. In Upwork, they use the term connects, each connects cost $0.15, and every project can cost 1-6 connects to bid depending on project worth, Recently Upwork again started giving free 10 connects per month.



     When a buyer message you, try to respond as soon as possible. Sometimes, he sends the message to multiple sellers and, when you do not reply on time, then he awards the order to another seller. Use Mobile App to stay in touch, and also check emails. Communication Skills are most important in freelancing because you have to attract buyers through your communication skills and also from your portfolio. Some buyers ask too many questions about the project and do many things that you do not like, but you have to behave like a professional. Manage your time, and have a positive attitude is also professional behavior. When the buyer awards you the project, then show professional behavior and deliver the project on time and also according to the demand of the client.

Which freelance marketplace is best for beginners?

            In the beginning, Fiverr is the most recommended platform, because they approve accounts easily. On Fiverr, you have to make a gig to start selling your service. A Gig is known as the service that you sell on Fiverr. It is like the showcase of your best projects and all the details that help the client to decide that they have to work with you or not. In GIG, you can add the title of your gig, keywords, category, an overview of the skills, and rates of the skills. As a new seller, you can create up to 7 gigs, which means you can create seven gigs in seven different categories. Later on, you can get levels (Ranks) and make more gigs with more benefits.


     Learn any skill that you want to work on. Register yourself on any freelancing marketplace. Complete your profile and do bidding to get orders. Stay motivated it takes some time and effects to get the first few orders. When the buyer awards the project, then deliver your project on time. Fiverr is the best platform to start your freelance career.

Posted: 07 Dec 2020

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