Its fine to FAIL

Every person once fails in his life, but it is fine. Everyone wants success that is good, but failure is better because you can learn new things. Failure is like a challenge. Accept the challenge, face all the difficulties, and try again.

All the successful people once failed, but they never lose hope, try again, and become successful. Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has an inspiring story. The man in the logo of KFC is Colonel. At the age of 5, his father died. He had to take care of his younger siblings, so he dropped the school at 7th grade to start working. He learned cooking from his mother. At 17, he started a job at the Railway as a laborer. But he was kicked off due to a fight with his coworker. When he was doing a job at the railway, he studied Law. But he ruined his law career by another fight. He did not give up. He was hired by a Life insurance company and sued for an argument with a customer. He did a job in Ferry Boat, Chamber of commerce, Michelin Tire Company, but he did not succeed. Then, he started to sell chicken recipes like steak, country ham in a service station at 40. Four years later, he opened a roadside restaurant in Corbin. That was the beginning of his success. His secret recipe was rejected 1009 times before accepting. Now KFC becomes the second-largest chain all over the world. After many failures, he becomes successful and got fame for his hard work and determination.

Steve Jobs, a businessman, and entrepreneur said:

Failure does not mean you will never achieve it just means it takes a little longer”

As he said, failure does not mean to give up on your aims. It means you have to work harder to achieve your goals. Success takes time. There is always room for improvement, no matter how good you are. If someone tells you, you did wrong, then do not say I am right. Just think: 'What did you do?', 'Why did he say that you are wrong?' and improve yourself to achieve your goals.

Some people give up on their dreams after failure. But they did not think the failure is temporary, and if you work hard, then this is the path to success. Failure makes you stronger. If you survive failures, then no one can stop you to reach your goals.

People are afraid to fail. They think if I fail, then what my family and friends think about me. Trust me, when you become successful, then those family and friends talk about your achievements. Just remember people always say 'Your dreams are impossible' but do not think about it. Change that impossible to possible. Show them you can do everything. Do not give up on your dreams just because you are afraid to fail.

Your happiness increases when you achieve success. It is the best feeling to achieve your aims after repeated failures. You feel satisfied and proud of your decision that you did not give up.

Posted: 25 Dec 2020

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Totally Agree!! Failure is the the first step towards Success, We should keep trying.
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Yes, Success takes time but we should have patience.
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