Manage your Energy

We all have a habit to manage our time, not energy. We tell others how much time we have in a day, but we do not tell that how much energy we have available. Energy is hard to measure. Time may be constant, but our energy is not. If you start to manage your energy, then your stress level also decreases.

Now the question is Do we work according to our energy level?

The research was done at USC Center of Effective organization which tells that 82% of people said they were not working on their ideal energy levels, 21% of people said that they were working above their energy level while 61% people said that they were working below their energy level.

If we work above the energy level, then we will feel tired sometimes, and the chance of making mistakes will increase, and then we will feel exhausted. If we started to work below the energy-level, then we will avoid challenges. So, it is important to manage our energy. Here are some points that will help you in managing your energy.

Do Big work first

When you wake up, then write your to-do list and see what project or task is big, then start your day by doing the big work first. It is because when you do big projects or tasks first then it will become easy for you to do small projects or tasks.

Know your energy

Being self-conscious about when or where to use energy will make us a good leader. Knowing our high and low levels of energy will help us to choose work’s priority.

Adjust physically and Mentally

When you want to do productive work, then your energy helps you a lot. If you are ill, then it means that your energy is low, and you are not able to focus on your work. If you keep on doing exercise daily, then you will feel the positive energy that is good for your work. Also, adjust the thoughts accordingly.

Determine energy according to the situation 

If you are doing your work with a full focus which has deadline till tomorrow and suddenly your friend comes and turns on the music which distracts your focus, then what will you do? There are two options: the one is to start talking to your friend, and the other one is to increase your energy and start focusing on your work. It is important to determine energy according to the situation.

Do not waste energy 

If someone gives you the work that is the work of one month, and he gives you the time of two weeks to finish it, then do not waste your energy on these types of works. Seek help from your friends or any other person who can provide you help in completing the project.

Work on boosting your confidence

If you feel low on energy, then start working on boosting your confidence. By boosting your confidence, your energy level also boosts. Start learning productive work daily that improves your energy and do not overburden yourself. If you overburden yourself, then you will reduce your energy and will feel exhausted. Learn as much as that helps you in boosting your energy.

Posted: 16 Feb 2021

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