New Year Resolutions again?

It's time to make new year resolutions. The resolutions which we make every year and forget every year. Does everyone not fulfill their new year resolutions? Certainly, some people do.

I heard there are people out there, some real people, not just the hollow ones. The one's who have spirits. Spirits filled with positive energy, definitely not all the time, but most of the time, that helps the body to do the things they want to do. Why are they like the way they are, and why can't we be like them? And some of you might be asking yourself do they even exist? Yes, they do. They are not perfect, they struggle until they achieve their goal. Because they know this is for the betterment of their future. 

This is how to stick to your new year resolutions

Set mind for change

      Firstly, you set your mind that you want some change. It is not easy to change your habits, but you have to do it. Remember your last new year's resolution and think: What have you done last year? How much progress have you made last year? And decide to do more progress than last year. Some people do not make resolutions because they think they will not fulfill them. Think positively, make resolutions, and fulfill them. Trust me you can do whatever you want. If people fulfill their resolutions, then you can also do it. 

Stay Motivated

      Now the question is: How will you stay motivated? You can stay motivated by the question Why? Think Why this resolution is important to you? When you get the answer to this why then it is easy for you to stay motivated. You have to face many problems but the best thing to do is do not give up. Read my article (It's Fine to Fail) it will help you to stay motivated.

Create a Clear Vision

When you make a new resolution, then think how will you do it? Create a clear vision of your resolutions.

Break your Resolutions

      Some people make resolutions that are too hard to fulfill. If they break their resolution into small pieces, then it is easy to achieve it. And then decide what you will do every month. For example, if you want to bring a new car. So you have to learn skills, find a job according to your skills to earn money, do savings, and get a new car. You will fulfill your resolution easily by breaking it into pieces.

Write your resolutions

      Write your resolutions (also write why you want to fulfill them) and set wallpaper on your mobile phone and laptop or paste it on the wall in front of your bed. It will help you remember your resolutions. These written resolutions will help you to decide what is good for your resolutions.

Share your Resolutions

      Share your resolutions with your best friend or your close family member. There are two reasons to share: one is they will give good ideas to fulfill your resolutions, and the second one is they will help you to stay motivated. Spend time with your loved ones. It will make you happy, and you will focus on your resolutions with determination. 


Posted: 31 Dec 2020

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