Patience- A Neglected Component of Success:

Everyone wants success in their lives. The success stories of others also fascinate a lot. One and all want themselves to be on the list of “successful men”. For this, one works hard and faces ups and downs. But in this “journey”, most people forget that this is an unpaved way. Their way is going to be long and time-consuming. There are tons of pits of frustration, anxiety, depression, failure, etc which are looking forward to them. Successful people are judged by their current position and are called lucky or fluke but they achieved it because of utter hard work determination, and not losing hope.

             Due to this fact, most of the people “in-between” their voyage give up and decide to compromise with such a life which they never dreamed to have. On the contrary, for those who do not give up and work hard, one day their work pays them back in the form of success. The happiness and satisfaction one get through success is true and immeasurable, of course!

             But the question that arises is; How these untiring and purposeful people stay motivated on the double yellow line? Well, it is a burning and frequently asked question. Are they having some magical mantra up their sleeves? Or do they possess some extraordinary ability? There is neither a magical spell nor any ability, it is only patience that ensures their success.

“Have Patience. All things are difficult before they become easy”.   _Saadi

               There is a set phrase that “Haste makes waste” which I think is totally correct. Lots of people are so hasty to achieve their goal that they make such decisions which not only fails them but also proves that all their efforts and time was useless. Consecutively, they give up. They forget the rule of nature which is:

“Everything will come to you at the right time and right place.”

               No doubt, attaining one’s goal is a tough task. Everyone wants to reach the nine cloud overnight. But one can never achieve his goal by being hasty but, in fact, being patient is mandatory. By having patience, one can face all the challenges. He makes himself able to follow such steps which will lead him towards his aim. But the saddest truth is, almost all people do not give weight to this fact. They think only working hard is essential to success.

            There is a long list of such personalities whose success stories have proved this mindset wrong.  Such personalities include Holy Prophet (PBUH) and HIS Companions, Quaid-e-Azam and his team, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and so on. The concept of patience is not long-established but it is here since the arrival of Adam.

                  In a word, patience is an integral part of success. In order to achieve success, it is mandatory to face and tackle all the situations, peaks, and valleys patiently. A famous businessman, Arnold H. Glasgow, once said,

“ The key to everything is patience. You get the chicken by hatching the egg, not by smashing it.”

So remember, along with hard work,  always have patience. One day you will get the fruit of your efforts for sure. So don’t be hopeless, and always be patient!

Posted: 16 Mar 2021

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