Point of Life

What's the point of living when we are going to die anyway? People live and die for nothing.
I always wonder why even I exist, I believe most of you have at least once thought in your hard time that "I should have never existed". We born, get younger, earn a good living, get older and then just die. Do we do it just to die?
It is not always about the end, we live and we die but we do leave memories. But when we think about it, even the people having those memories die. What's even the point of living if even your memory is not going to last forever.

We bring betterment, Yes we do. Have you ever noticed? In your daily life struggle, you always try to be better and better in the long run. We as humans at least try to make things better. And when we succeed, most humans make their surroundings better, I know most of you won't agree, because of selfish people around you. But have you seen a father doing struggle, the whole life for his kids? I have seen people hard, just for their families.

Everyone is working for a purpose, not just for themselves but for someone else. We live for people we love, and they live for people they love. It's not about the end of memories, it is about the time we spend with and for our loved ones. Don't you love it when someone cares about you? We do the same, we make things better for others. We care about others, that why we live.
That's the difference between humans and animals. We live for others and animals live for themselves.



There are five levels of life we live. The first one is survival, which includes food, water, warmth, and rest. When we feel confident with these things we then start thinking about our safety needs. After caring about safety our mind starts thinking about our relationship life. Our friends, family, and life partner. After our relation thoughts, when our physical need gets fulfilled, we then start thinking about what others think and feel about us. We start doing things to get respect from others, In Physiological term, they call it esteem. The last level is Self-actualization, which sums up morality, creativity, spontaneity, lack of prejudice, and accepting the facts.

The most important thing about these levels is that we can never achieve the high level before fulfilling low-level needs. For example, you can never think about self-actualization when you haven't eaten for a week. I have tried to sum up the whole life in few words and why even we live when we are going to die anyway. Start doing things for others, not just to make them happy but also for the betterment of the whole world. Start with your surrounding, help people around you. Make them feel better because of you. Serve a purpose in this life, we can do a lot better than you are doing right now.

Posted: 14 Feb 2021

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