Principles of Life that Everyone Knows, But Only Few Follow

What is life? Life is not just for spending time. It is just a beautiful mess with some principles that everyone knows, but only a few follow them. Whatever you have done in your life is your choice. Your life depends on your choices whether you want to adopt the principles or not. If you follow these rules, then you will live a great life.

Beauty is in Simple things 

If we learned to find beauty in simple things, then we will feel happy. Sometimes, we feel that being happy is a difficult task, but it is not true, it is just our mindset. If we want to be happy, then we have to find out the happiness in simple things. The beauty of nature helps us to stay happy.

The greatest things come unprepared

We, humans always try to plan good things for us, but GOD is the Best Planner. He plans everything so smoothly. Everything that happens in our life is for a reason. If bad things happen to us, then do not worry because the good days are on way.

Things we cannot control

There are a lot of things that we cannot control. We cannot control the death of someone or our own. It is a natural phenomenon. Death does not come with an appointment letter. We cannot control it. Likewise, we cannot force someone to love us. There are a lot of things that we cannot change. We have to accept the situation and move on. 

Being Patient

We all say that ‘Have patience’ but we do not follow it ourselves. Patience is the key to success. If we want to do something, but unable to do it, then we should have patience and work harder. When we get angry, then we lose our patience and talk rudely that becomes the cause of shame. 

Avoid Negativity

Everyone knows that negative thoughts can ruin our life, but we are not trying harder to avoid negativity. Complaining, lying, feeling jealousy, blaming, and bullying are very common in the world because of negativity, and these things can easily take away our comfort. 

Love is more important than Money

Are rich people really rich? People think if they have money, then they have everything, but the truth is many of them are not satisfied, they feel alone. Many gold diggers are around us. If we have two choices, true love, or being a billionaire, then choose love because love is motivation, you can earn money after choosing love. 

Life moves in one Direction

Many of us live in the past or future, but life moves only in one direction, which is PRESENT. If we stay with the past, then we always think about the question WHY? And if we live in the future, then we always think What If? Life does not care about what we think. It just keeps moving forward. So, try to live in the present and make the present beautiful because it's a GIFT.

Don't Follow the Path of Others

If we want to do something different, then we should not follow the path that is already used by others. We learn a lot of things from our parents, friends, teachers, and many others, We can learn from others directly or indirectly. Every person in our life gives us a lesson but we have to make our own path. 

Posted: 17 Feb 2021

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