Suicidal Thoughts


"When people kill themselves, they think they are ending the pain, but all they are doing is passing it on to those they leave behind".  (Jeannette Walls)

The story starts with a cobbler, who was waiting for his customer to come so that he can make some money for dinner. He waited for a long time but no one came and then it was too late so with the grieving heart he packed his load and left for his home. He was on his way home with drops of sweat falling from his head, thinking all the way about food for his family as he promised them to make it today.

On the way, he found an old blind lady who was trying to cross the road but couldn't, so despite his terrible situation, the cobbler decided to help her. He helped her in crossing the road and in return, the old lady gave him 2000 dollars. He got shocked and asked her  "Why are you giving me a very big amount?" It was a huge amount for the poor. The old lady replied, "God helps those who help others. I know you are a cobbler who barely earns 5-10 dollars in a day, which isn't enough for you so this is the present from my side for helping me". And then she left by saying "God bless you, my child." The cobbler was not in his senses, he was in an indescribable condition and mixed emotions. He couldn't think for a while because his mind was totally blank.

When he regained his consciousness and turned back to thanks the old lady, he found her disappeared. She was gone. He got a bit scared at the moment but then he quickly moved from the place. On his way back to his home, he looked at his broken watch. It was 10:00 p.m at night. It was scheduled that all the shops will be closed at 11 p.m. So he sped himself to reach out to shop and buy some groceries for home. Finally, he reached just before the closing time. He bought cakes, meat, loaves of bread, rice, and chocolates for his family, and then bought roses for his wife. He was so happy. He paid for his groceries and moved towards his home...On his way, he felt something strange. He realized that the way was unusually getting long and long...Then he looked at his hands and got shocked to see that the groceries started to disappear slowly...He started to run with fear.
He didn't care about his surroundings, his full focus was just on running. Suddenly a fast-moving car came in front of him and he covered his eyes with his hands
, and he woke up. It was 3 a.m at night.

"He was Breathing hard"... It was a nightmare and it was the fifth time in the time span of two months that he had watched this dream. He cried. He was scared not because of his dreams but because of his poor situation. He wasn't able to provide food to his family, he was hopeless. He thought to take his life and to leave all the worries behind...The nightmare and poverty were getting heavy on him and it was making him miserable day by day... He couldn't think of any other solution for this problem except suicide...

Tension, worry, hopelessness, and disturbance were spread all around his head... He was sad and quiet, quiet as "Silence before any storm". His wife Laila, daughter Zakiya and son Aftab weren't aware of his suicidal thoughts, but the way Abdul was behaving for the last 2 months, made them doubt him. His behavior made his family think that he is going to do something really bad. Laila got worried about him and decided to talk to his husband Abdul.

What did she talk to his husband? What happened next? Just wait for the next part...

Posted: 03 May 2021

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