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Today, it’s 31st December, the last day of the year 2020. So I decided to write something about this year. The year that brought many ups and downs with it. This was the year when everything changed. This year was good for some and it was bad for some others. Many unexpected things happened this year. I know we can’t predict what will happen next but we have some idea about it according to which we prepare our minds. Before starting anything new, we plan about it. When this year 2020 started, many people made many plans, they planned to do many things this year, and they made their resolutions about which they thought they would fulfill. This year also started in the same normal way as previous years, everything was going normal till February and then a deadly Virus reached Pakistan.

The first human case of this Virus was identified in 1965 but at that time, it was not that dangerous and widespread. In the early days of 2019, the symptoms of the virus again started to appear in humans. Its first case was reported in Wuhan, China and it spread all over the world very fast. It was a deadly virus that spread from people to people so, in January 2020, Lockdown was implemented in China. The patient suffering from this virus was not allowed to meet anyone, it was necessary to quarantine that patient for at least 14 days.

After observing the virus on the rise, on 14th March 2020, the government of Pakistan announced to impose lockdown in the whole country and announced to close public places like institutes, offices, markets, shopping malls, and mosques.

It was very sudden for everyone. Everything stopped; no one had anything to do. This lockdown has had devastating effects on education, and ways of earning. Not only that, days started getting worst when people started to lose their loved ones because of this virus. It was the hardest time for them. Many precious lives were lost. Many precautions were made to prevent the disease from spreading which people followed and that was a good thing. Because of the positive response of people towards precautions, it began to reduce. The patient started to recover, the death ratio reduced, and then the government decided to gradually end the lockdown. Some places like shopping malls and markets were opened and others like schools, colleges, and universities were still locked down. Then on 15 September 2020, the universities reopened, and then gradually lockdown came to an end. Everything was reopened. Life came back to normal.

I accept that it was a difficult time but it came to its end. The good thing about that time was that people felt responsible for each other and they helped family members of patients suffering from the virus by providing rations.

This year was not only bad but also good for some people and for some it was both good and bad. For me, the percentage of good was more than bad. It was a little bit bad because I could not carry out my plans I made for my last days at University perhaps destiny had planned something else. It was good because I completed my graduation, made some new friends, and made many memories with family and friends.

In the last days of November, the positive cases of this virus started to increase again but with less percent than before. To stop it from spreading, the government immediately imposed a lockdown till 10 January 2021, actually a smart lockdown, which proves to be a good thing because positive cases started to reduce. Hopefully, this lockdown will end on the date it was decided to end and the New Year will start with a New Hope. At last, I advise you to stay positive and motivated in every situation, have faith in Allah and keep praying for everyone’s good.  

So now say Good Bye to 2020 with new hopes and resolutions.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year!!


Posted: 31 Dec 2020

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Happy New Year
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