What is Friendship & How to be a good friend?

Friendship is the bond of affection between two or more persons.

 Some of us do not know the meaning of friendship or they don’t know what actually a good friend is?

A friend is someone who stands by your side. A friend is someone whom you can trust blindly. A friend is a person who understands you no matter what & if they don’t understand you, they try their best to do so. A friend is someone who makes you smile in challenging times.

How to be a good friend?

According to me, it takes a lot of effort to be a good friend to someone. You have to be available for your friend at every hour of the day. I am going to share some of my thoughts for becoming a good friend;

  • Be a good listener. Listen to all your problems with your friend.
  • Try to understand the situation of your friend.
  • Don’t ever make fun of your friend in front of others.
  • Be the strength of your friend. Help him/her deal with problems of life.
  • Provide complete support to your friend & provide him/her a shoulder to cry on.
  • Be happy for your friends in their happiness.
  • Share your feelings, your thoughts, and your opinion with your friends, so that they feel comfortable to share everything with you.
  • Always try to be honest with your friend. If your friend is wrong about something, tell him to their face that he is doing wrong and correct them.
  • Accept apologies of one another & don’t ever shy to apologize if you have made any mistake.
  • Show willingness to resolve your fights.
  • Loyalty is very important in friendship. Prove to your friends that you are there for them in every situation.
  • Encouragement is also very important in friendship. Encourage one another to do things. Help each other in every possible way.
  • Accept them the way they are. Don’t try to change them according to your will.
  • Show & prove to them that you care about them. Take good care of your friends if they are ill (either mentally or physically).
  • Make your friend your first priority.
  • The most important thing in friendship is Trust. So try to develop a bond of trust with your friend. Keep their secrets to yourself.

If you are doing everything as discussed above, you will definitely be a good friend.

 Friends are the most important people in our lives because everyone needs a person in his/her life who understands him the most; who supports him in every situation; who cares for him the most; who stands by him through thick and thin; who fights with him and for him.

We can find such friends in our siblings too. If someone finds this type of friend, his/her life will be much easier. If we don’t have the person with whom we can share our feelings, our hardships, our thoughts, then it is dangerous for both our mental and physical health. So, try to find that person and also try to be the person.

Not everyone has the same opinion as mine, but for me, friends are the most important part of our lives & life is incomplete without them.

Posted: 07 Dec 2020

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