About Us

Post4Everyone is the Platform for Your Thoughts. It's like an Online Journal. You can Write & Share your Thoughts & Views among Others. You can also Publish your Ideas on Post4Everyone from the comfort of your Home.

Our Website will help you to Interact with different type of Audiences. It's a great Platform for Writers as well as for Readers. Readers can read different Articles according to their Interests. Our Purpose is to Spread your Ideas in the World.

I made this Blog App for people to share their thoughts and knowledge. Our long term goal is to gather the best writers around the globe and make Post4everyone a better place for every person. No post will be approved without analyzing, quality content is our first priority. I appreciate everyone who helped me with this project and with the passage of time we definitely will try to make it better.

How To Join?

For now, you can go to My Profile Page and Click on "Send Author Request". Moderators will verify your account and make you an author meanwhile you can register and enjoy articles by others.

Why Join Post4Eveyone?

You can improve your writing skills. Moderators will accept and reject posts based on quality, this way you can improve yourself daily. If you are good at writing you will get followers and get more reach.
Also in the future, whenever the website will get revenue from your post, you will get paid. If you are not good at English you can write in Urdu and even Roman Urdu ( just like you type your messages with friends), you have all rights to remove articles in the future and post on other platforms.

Key Features:

  • Post formatting by CKEditor, even if you don't have any web development knowledge you can add styles to your post.
  • In-built spell checker, before posting an article you can check spellings within the editor.
  • You can use the language of preference to write
  • You can link to youtube videos and promote them by explaining them in articles.
  • You can add images, tables, and anything simply by drag & drop.

  • For the SEO Lovers, you can add links to your websites, Yes backlinks are allowed if they are not spam.
  • As Viewer, you will see moderated content, all posts will be approved by moderators to make sure posts have quality content.
  • You can make your fan following, in the future, you would possibly be able to earn by your views whenever the website will start earning.

Rules and Regulations

  • You can post articles written by you, copyrighted articles are not allowed.
  • The article must have at least five hundred words.
  • Abusive and adult language is not allowed, you will get banned for that.
  • Use respective language to others in comments.
  • Spamming comments or links are not allowed.
  • User Name, Email, and Phone Number should be unique. Make sure to use your own details, you will have to verify your details later.

Some Future Plans

  • In the future, authors will get paid for their posts, whenever the website will start earning (for their previous posts as well).
  • The ranking system will be added soon, Writers who will join us from start will possibly have some rank in the future.
  • Mobile App will be made in the future so mobile-only users can get more benefits (they can still use the website on mobile, however, I am still in the process to make it more mobile responsive ).

For Advertisers and Organizations

  • You can contact us through Contact Us Page to get your ads live on the website.
  • The website does not spam ads, placement will be on relevant pages only.