Punjab Police Launched Internship Program for Students

Till now, there were not any Internship Programs in the department of Police. But now Inam Ghani, Inspector General of Punjab Police (IGP), announced about the Internship Program. Punjab Police launched one-month Internship programs for students to provide awareness about police forces and to provide a practical experience of Police Work and Duties.

IGP said that the students will be able to get internships in different branches of Police like the Operations Branch, Public Relations Branch, IT Branch, and Legal Branch. He added that they decided to launch this program to bring a positive change in the identification and image of the police force. The students will also be allowed to suggest and recommend useful opinions (based on their observations) about the duties of the police force. This internship program will start from Central Police Office (CPO). Firstly, nine students of LUMS will get the opportunity to do internships and then slowly will expand this program to other major universities and colleges.

( Posted 06 Jul 2021 )

Money Heist's Final Season 5 Release Date

The synopsis of the Final season of La Casa De Papel has been revealed. Previously, there were rumors about the spin-off of the season. But the writer and creator of Money Heist, Javier Gómez Santander, now revealed that he is not doing any spin-off of the season and revealed the release dates of the final season.

The Hit season of Netflix, La Casa De Papel (Money Heist), is going to end this year with Season 5. This season will release in two volumes. The first Volume will release on 3 September 2021, and the Second Volume is scheduled to release on 3 December 2021.

( Posted 05 Jul 2021 )

Punjab & Federal Govts to provide funds to Tech University, Sialkot

The Punjab and Federal Government decided to provide funds to Sialkot for the foundation of the University of Applied Engineering and Emerging Technologies (UAEET). 500 acres of land near Sambrial has been provided Free of Cost by Punjab Government for this project. The president of SCCI (Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry) confirmed that Prime Minister (Imran Khan) visited Chamber last year and announced the establishment of Tech University as it was the need for the spread of Modern Technologies among students. On behalf of the Federal Government, the Vice President of Imran Khan, Dr. Atta ur Rehman, is working on the establishment of the university in collaboration with Chinese and Austrian Technology.

The Government has planned to launch at least 5 major Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Programs in this University. The University will first be established at 150 acres of land and then the organization will expand it on the entire piece of land provided by the Punjab Government. This project will consist of one admin block, 5 academic blocks, 2 hostels, a housing scheme for faculty, Central Library, and all other needed facilities.

( Posted 05 Jul 2021 )

WhatsApp introduced VIEW ONCE Feature

WhatsApp rolled out a new feature “Expiring Media”, better known as “View Once”, for the beta users of WhatsApp, reported by WeBetaInfo. This feature will let users view sent photos, GIFs, and videos only once, and they will automatically disappear immediately after viewing. You can do this after choosing a photo or GIF or Video from your gallery. When selected, you have to click on “Clock-Icon”, placed next to the “Add a caption” bar. Clicking on this icon will allow you to send disappearing media to other WhatsApp users.

Once the recipient will open the media you have sent, WhatsApp will send you a notification that the media you have shared is opened. This is the same as the Expiring media feature of Instagram. This feature is currently released for Android Phones only. WhatsApp’s Android version supports this feature. If some of the android users haven’t seen this feature, then they have to wait until the next WhatsApp update.

( Posted 01 Jul 2021 )

Tiktok Banned in Pakistan for the Third Time

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) again banned Tiktok because of the “Objectionable Content” on the App. The petition against Tiktok was filed by Advocate Maaz Waheed and Barrister Asad Ashfaq. They said that Tiktok is sharing anti-Islamic content with their viewer which is not acceptable in any condition. Other than this, a resident of Pakpattan, Ali Zaib, also claimed that this application is spreading crime and is producing a bad environment for the students.

Sindh High Court reviewed their decision and imposed a complete ban on Tiktok all over the Country till the next hearing (going to held on 8 July 2021). It’s the third time that the Tiktok Application got banned in Pakistan. The first ban was imposed on 20 October 2021, and the second ban was imposed on 1st April 2021. Both of the time, the reason was the spread of Immoral and anti-Islamic Content. Sindh High Court gave the final warning to the App owners and gave them time to respond.

Let’s see what will happen on 8 July 2021.

( Posted 29 Jun 2021 )