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I am a software engineer and digital marketing specialist. We develop and sell web scraping tools to collect data from websites. https://www.ahmadsoftware.com/

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How Can You Scrape Contact Information From Google Maps?

Today, everyone is looking for new and trending ways to connect with businesses and customers and Google Maps is the best and modern way to engage with customers and businesses. No doubt, you can a huge amount of business data from Google Maps for marketing purposes. Doing this job manually is a nightmare, especially if multiple business listings need to be inspected. Luckily, you can automate this job using a tool c...

(Posted 01 Jul 2021 By Harry )

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Which is the Most Useful Email Finder Tool for Recruiters?

A LinkedIn Email Extractor is a tool that allows finding personal or business email addresses online from various LinkedIn profiles without coding and getting blocked and provides you extracted data in ready-to-use formats like CSV, Excel, or Text files. LinkedIn Email Scraping Tools may help get the right person for the job position. You may easily scrape the email addresses of candidates from LinkedIn profiles, c...

(Posted 24 Jun 2021 By Harry )

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What Is The Best Email Finder In 2021?

Are you experiencing difficulty with sales due to the slow flow of quality leads in your email marketing campaign? Looking for cheap email scraping tools because of your limited budget? Then, this post is for you to pick out your best comprehensive set of online cheap and reliable email grabber software that meets your total needs of fresh leads regularly. If you want to succeed in your business, you must choose the...

(Posted 18 Jun 2021 By Harry )

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How Can I Find & Extract Emails From LinkedIn Profiles?

Sometimes, the best way to find someone’s LinkedIn email is by finding it indirectly. Whereas you can look up someone’s info directly into their public information, you can also leverage third-party email finder tools that can find and scrape emails, phone numbers, and other contact details from LinkedIn profiles without coding. These LinkedIn Email Scraping Tools can help you search profiles in bulk and get email ad...

(Posted 15 Jun 2021 By Harry )

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How to Crawl Business Profiles Data From LinkedIn?

If you are thinking of scraping business profiles manually from LinkedIn then you should know that there are more than 740 million users on LinkedIn. It would take you a lot of time to manually copy and paste business data from LinkedIn. We offer a better way to scrape LinkedIn data to CSV, Excel, or Text formats. With the help of LinkedIn Company Extractor, you can get details of thousands of companies and business ...

(Posted 08 Jun 2021 By Harry )

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How To Build Your Own USA B2B Email & Phone Number Database?

B2B lead database is the list of the ideal customers who are ready to buy your product or service. B2B contact list is fundamental to the success of a business. A sales team or marketing team is useless without this data. A quality b2b leads list will make everything easier for your B2B marketing team. It avoids wasting time sending messages to removed or inactive email accounts and calling disconnected telephone lin...

(Posted 03 Jun 2021 By Harry )

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What is the best way to Scrape Amazon for product data?

Amazon, with more than 10 billion products, and eBay, with more than 1.3 billion products, are the leading sites in the e-commerce business. They provide a good stage for sellers to list their products for selling in the worldwide market. It makes eBay and Amazon a very popular resource to find e-commerce data for business intelligence, research, and price monitoring. Various products are available under different c...

(Posted 24 May 2021 By Harry )

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How to Collect Mobile Numbers for Telemarketing?

Whatever marketing method you choose for an online business, you always need an email address and phone number to send detailed information about your product and services and to provide customer services. The bigger your phone number list is the more people you can approach. Regardless of whether you are an affiliate marketer, product creator, freelancer, business consultant, or business owner, you should think abou...

(Posted 20 May 2021 By Harry )

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How to get an Email List of Actors?

The world all over boasts a number of celebrities. A lot of people want to know how to find the email addresses of famous personalities. It is really not hard to find an email address of celebrities because they always provide ways for their fans to get in touch and communicate with them. The email address that you will be able to collect on the internet might not be the celebrity's personal email address but one tha...

(Posted 17 May 2021 By Harry )

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What is the best way to build an email list for marketing?

Don’t worry! It’s easier than you think. You can get thousands of customers and businesses' email addresses from hundreds of websites without any human effort by using Email Scraping Tools. Yes, You heard it right, You can build your own email database without any human effort and coding by using these email collection tools. There are many tools to use to build an email list but they are difficult to use but Cute We...

(Posted 10 May 2021 By Harry )

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How can I scrape Data from Google Maps Search Results?

A Google Maps Crawler is a computer program that usually discovers and downloads business information from the business listing via Google Maps. The discovery process of a Google Maps Data Extractor is usually simple and straightforward. A Google Maps Contact Extractor is first given a set of business listing URLs. Next, the Google Maps Data Miner goes and downloads the content from those URLs and then extracts conta...

(Posted 04 May 2021 By Harry )

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How can you Scrape Data from Facebook Pages?

If you want to run a successful marketing campaign on Facebook, the marketers should be pretty aware of their competitor’s advertising skills and strategies. It is not an easy task to scrape data from millions of Facebook profiles, Groups, and, Pages manually to build your campaign, and it takes a lot of time and energy. It is a tool that helps its users to collect all the information from Facebook profiles, groups, ...

(Posted 29 Apr 2021 By Harry )

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What is the Best Way to Build an Email List Quickly?

Is it time to fill your sales funnel? Don't fret - you can now easily update and grow your email leads list with new contacts every time it runs short. With the power of web scraping, you can extract contact information with an email address from multiple websites available on the internet. You can find and export emails into a spreadsheet (CSV, Excel, &Text). However, there is a better and simple way to build a hi...

(Posted 27 Apr 2021 By Harry )

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How do I collect genuine contact numbers for SMS Marketing?

There is a great way to build your own build list of active phone numbers for SMS marketing quickly. Yes, you heard it right. You can find and build your own phone number list without any human effort and getting blocked with a few mouse clicks for any industry in any country by using Cute Web Phone Number Extractor and Top Lead Extractor. You can get anyone’s email or phone number by using these data scraping tools ...

(Posted 21 Apr 2021 By Harry )

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How to build an Email List that Generates Sales Fast?

If you’re looking for the best way to build targeted email lists as soon as possible that can help you reach your sales goals, you’ll be happy to learn that you’ve found it. If you’re building email address lists for email marketers, it’s critical that you make sure the list you build is high-quality. Here are some of the things you should look for in a high-quality mailing list. A high-quality and targeted email l...

(Posted 19 Apr 2021 By Harry )

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How can I Scrape Data From Google Search Results?

Google’s search algorithm is remarkably best when it comes to returning us the most appropriate search results. You can scrape data from Google Search results easily by using web scraping tools. Various online crawling tools are accessible for data scraping that makes the data mining work quite easy. For various reasons, one would want to fetch these results. Here I would like to tell you about some tested and usefu...

(Posted 16 Apr 2021 By Harry )

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How to Extract Data from TripAdvisor?

If you want to scrape emails, phone numbers, reviews, and much more from a TripAdvisor then you are at the right place. Anysite Scraper is now available for restaurants and hotels. TripAdvisor Scraper is suitable for such use cases as scraping hotels and restaurant reviews, emails, addresses, awards, and many more attributes on TripAdvisor. You can either enter the location or name and crawl all the information about...

(Posted 15 Apr 2021 By Harry )

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How Can I Find a Person's Phone Number In Canada?

Looking for a high-quality Canadian mobile number database for telemarketing, SMS marketing, advertising, or recruiting purposes? Then you don't need to search further because Cute Web Phone Number Crawler can provide you thousands of Canadian telephone numbers, mobile numbers, and fax numbers for any industry in Canada from thousands of websites using different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc. wi...

(Posted 14 Apr 2021 By Harry )

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