Are You Wasting Your Life?

Life is a precious gift, but many of us are just spending their life instead of living it. There is a lot of difference between spending and living life. Spending life means that life is just going on, and you are not doing anything for a better and happy life while living life means living life happily and you are continuously trying to live a life better than yesterday.

If your today is not better than yesterday, then you are just wasting your life.

A lot of people lose their precious lives every day, but we are not learning the lesson that we are here for a very short period. We do not think that we can die anytime. If we think about it then we will try for a better life. If you are doing any of these things, then you are wasting your life:

When your life does not benefit anyone, then you are wasting your life. Try to help and keep others happy. 

You are complaining about everything. A very famous example is we have a glass that is half-filled with water, if you say that half glass is empty then you are complaining and have negative thoughts. You can say that half glass is full. You also have negative thoughts in your mind about yourself or anything. Try to think positive. If you think positive, then you will not be complaining again. 

Whatever you are doing, you feel bored. You do not find anything interested. Nothing will inspire you or you do not find what is the thing that inspires you. You do not think about your future, you are not planning for your better future. Do everything with a positive and learning mind that you find interesting and plan about your better future. 

You are just wasting your time by playing games and using your mobile phones or laptops. You are addicted to your mobile phone, you do not get enough sleep just because of your mobile phone. You know you are wasting your time, but you do not try to get rid of it. If you want to live your life, then try to remove these kinds of habits from your life and try to get a good night's sleep. 

You are not taking care of your body. Good sleep is not enough, you have to eat healthily and do exercise daily. If you are not healthy, then it also affects your mental health, and you will feel lazy. If you feel lazy, then you do not leave your comfort zone and if you do not leave it, then how can you learn new things outside your comfort zone. So, it is very important to live a healthy life for living your life. 

You spend life with no aim. If you do not have any aim, then you are wasting your life. Life without any aim is just like a ship with no steering and your ship goes in any direction. People with aims do not waste their life, they try to engage themselves in productive work or in the things that help them to accomplish their aims. 

Posted: 09 Feb 2021

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Good content to read but you need a bit more practice on writing and composition.
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