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Patience- A Neglected Component of Succ...

Brief and concise writing that highlights the importance of patience in success. Happy Reading! Overview Of The Content...

(Posted 16 Mar 2021 By Ayesha_Majeed )

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Fear of a Student

Life is full of difficulties, people will demotivate you because they do not want to see you as a successful personality...

(Posted 09 Mar 2021 By Arsal004 )

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You can be “YOU” With Some Effort on the...

TO my pathetic observation and limited knowledge, hard-work and consistency are the two things; you need to focus on, in...

(Posted 06 Mar 2021 By ShawK )

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How perfectionism is destroying your pro...

Perfectionism means that a person has an extremely high standard and do not satisfy with anything and always thinks that...

(Posted 24 Feb 2021 By Faiqa )

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Let them Walk Away

"If somebody can walk away from your life, let them walk away. You should not have to convince anybody to love you. If t...

(Posted 24 Feb 2021 By Misbah )

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Be Somebody

We get used to things or people very quickly that life seems incomplete without them. We want someone to be with us all ...

(Posted 18 Feb 2021 By Misbah )

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Principles of Life that Everyone Knows, ...

What is life? Life is not just for spending time. It is just a beautiful mess with some principles that everyone knows, ...

(Posted 17 Feb 2021 By Faiqa )

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Stop Spending So Much Time in Your Head

You spend so much time of your life in your head, make it a beautiful place to be.

(Posted 15 Feb 2021 By Faiqa )

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Point of Life

What's the point of living when we are going to die anyway? People live and die for nothing.

(Posted 14 Feb 2021 By Hussnain )

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There is not a single person who has only seen happiness or who has only seen sadness, hardships, and difficulties. The ...

(Posted 09 Feb 2021 By Misbah )

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(Posted 02 Feb 2021 By Misbah )

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Lord's Favors

We, the Humans, were sent to this world with many blessings. GOD has made us. He who is the Lord of the East and the Wes...

(Posted 29 Jan 2021 By Misbah )

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Don’t know what you want

What do you want in life? What career do you want to choose? These questions are popular, but many of us do not know the...

(Posted 09 Jan 2021 By Faiqa )

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Think Before you Speak!!

Thinking before speaking will help in building your personality, in building a strong relationship with others, and you ...

(Posted 06 Jan 2021 By Misbah )

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It is OKAY to say NO!!

It is totally okay to say NO

(Posted 02 Jan 2021 By Misbah )

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THE 2020

Say Good Bye to 2020 with new hopes and resolutions.

(Posted 31 Dec 2020 By Misbah )

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New Year Resolutions again?

It's time to make new year resolutions. The resolutions which we make every year and forget every year. Does everyone no...

(Posted 31 Dec 2020 By Hussnain )

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Dream Big Enough

Dreams are not only what you see when you are sleeping. They are the thoughts that you want to fulfill in life. They are...

(Posted 27 Dec 2020 By Faiqa )

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Its fine to FAIL

Every person once fails in his life, but it is fine. Everyone wants success that is good, but failure is better because ...

(Posted 25 Dec 2020 By Hussnain )

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