Beauty is a word that describes the characteristics of a person or a thing. It is a noun and according to the dictionary, it is a combination of qualities like shape, form, or color that pleases our aesthetic senses especially sight.

Sight, our sight, I think it is the most misused ability we possess. Sight means the faculty to see. All of our lives, we see and we see without even pondering. Helen Keller once said, “The seeing see little.” The thing she wanted to explain was that the people who can actually see do not see the beauty of nature or the fascination nature has to offer. She believed in the beauty of nature. She wanted her eyesight for about three days so that she can see nature, the beauty which she was unable to see during her life. Even though she only wanted to see things in material, she still had an urge to see the things for who they are and not the way they appear.

In my opinion, all the people with the faculty to see are blind. Their sense of beauty and thinking about it is so absurd that I can’t even begin to understand. Beauty, for them, is an attraction for eyes; a person or a scene that can captivate their eyes so much that we can’t even think of any other thing. That is the beauty we all see and believe in. We are so lost in the visual beauty of things and persons that we have forgotten what beauty really is. Beauty shouldn’t be just materialistic, it should also be pure. We can’t live with materials or abstractions only. Love, for example, isn’t enough for a living but, neither is money. Materialistic void can’t be filled with abstraction and it is the same the other way round.

Now suppose I am blind, how will you explain beauty to me? Explain to me what beauty is? Tell me what it feels like to sense true beauty? A person that can fascinate your imagination, a person made of all the materialistic desires but beautiful only by face. Is that the beauty we all see? Indeed, it is the beauty we all see but I just want to know one thing. Is this really THE BEAUTY? What about the heart that beats in our body? What about our senses such as pleasure and emotions? Do you think they do not play a role in determining the beauty?

They do and they do that right. Beauty, for me, is not an attraction for eyes, but satisfaction for the soul. Beauty lies within. I have seen many people very beautifully ugly. Ugly by heart, ugly by deeds, ugly by desires, ugly by the action, and just ugly. Beauty is the thing that can be felt with the heart not seen with the eyes.

 Start to see with the heart and all the things will change. You will enter a world of inner peace. Sometimes, I think beauty is chimerical. I believe it is just a figment and nothing more than that. Is that so?

“We should be able to sense the beauty within beauty.”

Always remember,

“Beast can be beauty and beauty can be beast.”


Posted: 07 Dec 2020

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I must say you are a great thinker and observer!! More power to you👍
() (1286 days, 17 hours, 34 minutes ago)


Beauty is not what we see, It is what we do and what others feel. Just my opinion!
() (1286 days, 17 hours, 23 minutes ago)