Computer Viruses

A virus is a computer program that modifies the original functionality of the computer. A virus can produce copies of the program. They are attached by another .exe file and executes when the affected program executes. They can destroy or modify the data in the storage devices that are attached to the computer. They are not able to harm the hardware directly. 



Types of Computer Viruses

Some computer viruses are as follows:

Boot sector Virus

This virus attached to the boot sector in the Operating System and modifies the program. It loads on the computer when the computer starts. When the user opens the program, then it produces destructive programs.

Ransom Virus

Ransom Virus is a sort of malware. It is very famous nowadays. When we download the unknown software programs from the internet then it loads on our computer. This virus catches your information like credit card numbers, passwords, personal details, and your data, etc. It stops all the executions on the computer. You are not able to view your important data because your data is encrypted. In every folder, you get the notepad file, and it has the details of the hacker. You must pay to decrypt your data. 

Logic Bomb

Logic Bomb is activated at a certain time and date. It is based on logical conditions (if-else statements), like whenever the user clicks on that file then the logic bomb is activated, and when the user closes the program, then it is deactivated. 

Web- scripting Virus

The code of this virus is written in the code of the website. When you access the webpage, then it is loaded into the computer.

Browser Hijackers

Browser Hijackers redirects into another webpage that is not open by you, and you do not want to go to that webpage. 

Macro Virus

Macro Virus is executed when the .exe file is loaded. They are written in the same programming language used for the software.

Chernobyl Virus

This virus can delete all the partitions data in the disk and the Microsoft Office files. 

Overwrite Virus

This virus deletes the files automatically. You must delete all the files that are infected to get rid of this virus.


It stores your personal information and sends it to the websites without your permission.

Causes of viruses.

The virus is spread by the internet, removable storage media, Bluetooth, downloading pirated and cracked software, booting data from unknown CDs, documents, and so on. 

Can virus attacks by just reading email?

Sometimes when we received emails from anonymous, we open them and do not think about the attachment of viruses and the hidden scripts in them. Email viruses like Kakworm and Bubble Boy may harm the user's computer when we read the emails. It might appear exactly the simple emails, but once we open the email, they affect the computer because they have a hidden script that only runs when the user opens the affected email.  

Signs of Computer Viruses

They can:

• slow down your computer.

• show multiple unexpected pop-ups on your screen.

• use your storage.

• download the unknown software programs.

• receive emails from anonymous.

• open start-up program when the computer is turned on.

• locked specific settings.

• change the Home Settings.

• drains the battery fast.

• show unusual activities.

• destroy some programs.

• redirects to the webpage you do not want to visit.

• tries to control the computer.

• creates multiple copies. 

• produce harmful data in the computer.

How we protect our computers from viruses?

• Firstly, we must install the good antivirus (i.e., Norton, Avira, Avast, Malware Bytes, etc.) from the internet.

• Update your antivirus regularly.

• Be careful while downloading the files or any software from the internet.

• Scan the Removable disk, CDs, and Bluetooth and then use it and after using scan them again.

• Do not use pirated software programs that harm your computer.

• Turn the Firewall on from your computer operating system.

Posted: 30 Jan 2021

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