How perfectionism is destroying your productivity

Perfectionism means that a person has an extremely high standard and is not satisfied with anything and always thinks that what he does is never good enough. Many people think that perfectionism is a good habit but in reality, it is not because it leads people to depression, anxiety, and they feel unhappy all the time. Everyone wants to become perfect, but no one is perfect. A perfectionist always tries to not make any mistake that is good, but they also keep in mind that if they make mistake, they are a failure or stupid and they have to learn from their mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes and it is okay but, it is not okay when they do not learn from their mistakes. There are three types of perfectionists:

Socially Prescribed Perfectionists

Socially Prescribed Perfectionists believe that other people will expect perfection in their work. They try to do the best because they fear to get the rejection.

Other-Oriented Perfectionists

Other-Oriented Perfectionists expect that people will always do their work in the perfect way and if they do not do it then perfectionists criticize them.

Self-Oriented Perfectionists

Self-Oriented Perfectionists want to do their work in the perfect way. They are conscientious, organized, and highly disciplined. They set an extremely high standard for themselves in their life and career. They believe they have to be perfect in any era of their life.

Perfectionism and Self-Esteem

Self-esteem means how much a person likes and appreciates themselves. It has three types inflated self-esteem, high self-esteem, and low self-esteem. People with Inflated self-esteem think that they are better than anyone else and they always blame others for their mistakes, people with High self-esteem value, appreciate themselves, and they have a positive attitude and they always are satisfied with their lives while people with low self-esteem do not value and appreciate themselves. Perfectionism has a bad influence on self-esteem because when perfectionists can't meet their expectations, they feel that they are a complete failure, and this thought hurts their self-esteem.

Perfectionism and Productivity

Perfectionists focus on every single detail that hurts their productivity; it is more beneficial to focus on the overall quality of the work. A perfectionist always tries to wait for the right moment to do work. They do not start their work until they discover the perfect way to complete it. They take more time than any other person to complete any work because they think they do not do their work perfectly. They feel annoyed when they do not give a hundred percent to anything. When we want to adopt a new habit, then it takes time and patience, but perfectionists feel annoyed when they do not get perfect results. Sometimes, the most disciplined person becomes the less disciplined one because they need perfection. For example, if a perfectionist has a plan to go outside with his friends at 8 PM, and one of his friends comes after the decided time due to some reasons so, he feels annoyed and anxious because of his friend and gets angry with his friend. Perfectionism destroys your productivity.

Posted: 24 Feb 2021

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