From ancient times, we, the humans, have been players. Humans have always had an interest in games of all sorts. If I talk about Romans, they held different sorts of games which involved chariot races, gladiator battles and many others. People from all parts of the world gathered to witness the processions of these games. As time passed, more and more games were invented which were less harmful like cricket, hockey, football etc. The advancement in electronics and programming took the market by storm and made a pretty big name for videogames and e-sports.

Among us, a multiplayer game, which released in the year 2018 made a huge impact worldwide. In this game, one or more people are imposters and their purpose is to kill all the other members without blowing their cover. If the imposter survives in the end, he is the winner and all others are defeated. The imposter lies and does everything to avoid eviction. The game has made a pretty big name because of its interactive and engaging gameplay.

The game might have released in the year 2018 but I believe that people have been playing this game since the start of time. If we look at the world, it is nothing but just a big playground and we are all just players. Many of us are imposters, many of us are crewmates and many of us are both in different contexts and many of us don’t even know that they are playing and being played at the same time. Billions of humans on earth have played this game without even realizing.

I am not a religious scholar but let me tell you story of Hazrat Yusuf (A.S) and his brothers. The story is well explained in Surah Yusuf in The Quran of Muslims and also in The Book of Genesis. There might be slight variations due to different narrators. Yusuf (AS) was the son of Yaqub (AS). Yaqub (AS) was a prophet and so was Yusuf (AS). Yaqub (AS) loved Yusuf (AS) very much. Yusuf’s brothers were jealous of him and they wanted to get rid of him. They devised a plan to take care of Yusuf (AS). At first, they decided to kill him but then, they threw him into a well after taking him out for playing. When Yaqub (AS) asked about his son, his other sons told him that a wolf killed him and to prove that, they had Yusuf’s (AS) shirt with blood on it. Yaqub (AS) cried for years for his son Yusuf (AS) after that incident.

Now, that is one of the oldest and strongest pieces of evidence that we, the humans, have always been imposters. They were not his brothers, they were imposters who always wanted to hurt him and do everything to keep their charade. When I see around myself, all I see is a ship with me being a crewmate and millions of imposters. We all are wearing masks; we are all clowns; we are all imposters and we all don’t know it yet. Humanity may not see its best but I believe the way we are heading, we will see its worst. We don’t care about other people; we are a far cry from something called humans. We are all monsters in the disguise of humans and the worst part is that we enjoy it. We enjoy breaking people’s dreams and look at them while they gather pieces of them. We love to see people suffer. We enjoy other’s pain. We are no longer humans.

 When I sit in a gathering, all I can hear is, “Shhh, there is an imposter among us.”     


Posted: 29 Dec 2020

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