Life is the name of unpredictable happenings.

We have no idea of what will happen in the next moment or even the next second. Many unpredictable things happen every moment. We are happy one minute and the next minute we get extremely sad & the other way round.

Sometimes, when unexpected things happen we don’t have time to process them and react accordingly. In such unpredictable situations, we mostly make wrong decisions without thinking. Our mind was not ready for that type of trauma so we mostly react badly but as time passes, we realize that we have made wrong decisions and then there nothing left except regret.

For avoiding this type of regret, we should prepare our minds for any type of unpredictable event because if we are ready for facing anything in life then there are fewer chances of making wrong decisions. We have to tell our minds that we should think first and then react, if it happens then the mind will react differently & we can take better decisions.

Many of us say that reacting badly in situations is not in our control but I think it is totally in our control. If our mind is strong enough that it can calm us in any situation then the chances of better decisions go up by the factor of many. Everything that we do is controlled by our minds. It’s the “Game of Mind.

Don’t let your mind play with you or control you. In fact, you should play with your mind & you should learn to tame your mind according to your wills. If someone can do that then I don’t think that there will be any chance of regretting later.

 Try to stay positive in every situation and find your own happiness; in fact, create your own Happiness by thinking positively.

How to find solutions to your problems in stressful situations?

Sometimes we have to face a stressful situation or sometimes things happen that could break us, many of us isolate ourselves in such stressful situations which I think is not right, they should try to find the solution of their problems rather than overburden their mind with them.  Here, I would like to discuss some methods for finding solutions to the problems:

  • Ask for help from the person you trust the most or discuss your problem with their friends and ask them for their advice. Isolation is not the solution to the problem; it’s actually the root of many problems like overthinking, depression, anxiety, & many more. So you should try to avoid isolation and overthinking in stressful situations.
  • If you think your mind is strong enough that it can help you find the best solution or near to best solution for the problem, then simply ask yourself that what you should do. Think about the possibilities & then figure out the solution. One thing I should mention is that “Think but don’t overthink.
  • Take your own advice. Think what you would suggest to any other person if they come to you for the solution of the same problem as yours and then take the decision.

If you are able to manage hard times with patience and positivity, then life would be easier than you think. So try to live your life happily.

Posted: 16 Dec 2020

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