Peer-e-Kaamil (SAW)- A Brief Study

The novel Peer-e-Kaamil (SAW) highlights the love for Hazrat Mohammad (SAW). It's volte-face of the situation from being far from Allah and His Prophet (PBUH) to being close to them. It's the story of an Ahmadiya girl and a Sunni boy.

The main characters of this novel are Salar Sikandar and Imama Hashim. Salar Sikandar is a Sunni Muslim boy with having IQ of more than 150. Imama Hashim is an Ahmadiya girl who converts to Islam, particularly Sunni, leaving her family behind.

Imama Hashim lives in Islamabad and is getting medical education from a medical college of Lahore. She decides to embrace Islam after getting inspired by her friends. She used to attend her senior Sabiha's lectures on Islam in secrecy from her family. During her Medical degree, she falls in love with her friend Zainab's brother Jalal Ansar by listening to Naat "Kuch nahi mangta hu shahon se ye shaida tera" in his voice and realizing his love for Hazrat Mohammad (SAW). Imama was engaged to her first cousin Asjad but she didn't want to marry him because of his Ahmadiya background and her being a Sunni.

Salar Sikandar was the neighbor of Imama Hashim in Islamabad. Her family stops her from leaving the house because she spoke ill against their Ahmadiya customs. She asks Salar to help her in contacting Jalal but Salar lies to her that Jalal has married someone else. Then, she requests Salar to marry her so that her family could not force her but with the promise that he will divorce her after leaving Islamabad.

Salar agrees to this and takes her to Lahore after marrying her, but later, he refuses to divorce her in order to tease her. Salar used to wander in every sphere prohibited by Islam. Salar was a drunkard. Where he stood, Spirituality (the love for Allah and his Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SAW)) seemed to be a far cry. In Margala Hills, Islamabad, he was attacked by some thieves who snatched all his belongings and tied him to a tree, and left him alone to die. At that moment, he realized the value of life and fear of death for the very first time. This was actually the climax in Salar Sikandar’s story. This fear urged him to change his path towards Islam and the teachings of Hazrat Mohammad (SAW). Then he realized all his mistakes he had made in the past and his injustices with Imama. After this, he fell in love with Imama, her pureness, and her love for Prophet (PBUH) & then he tried his best to find Imama but could not succeed.

Imama meets Dr. Sibt-e-Ali, who was an Islamic Scholar in Lahore, and she started living with Syeda Amma as her daughter. Syeda Amma was the first cousin of Dr. Sibt-e-Ali. Imama then changes her name to Amna and completes her studies in Lahore and then starts working for a pharmaceutical company. She hated Salar because he broke his promise to divorce her.

During her stay in Lahore, she tries to contact Salar and finds out that Salar is dead. She was happy because she was now free from Salar's Nikaah.

Like thousands of people, Salar was also inspired by Dr. Sibt-e-Ali and that's why he met him and shared almost all of his problems with him whenever he visited Lahore. Salar was very dear to Dr. Sibt-e-Ali because of his turning to Islam and because of his love for Hazrat Mohammad (SAW).

Syeda Amma and Dr. Sibt-e-Ali persuade Amna (Imama) to get married and she agrees to that. On the Wedding day, the groom refuses to marry her, and then Dr. Sibt-e-Ali requests Salar to marry her. Salar gets sad about this because he had loved Imama for the last 9 years but his respect for Dr. Sibt-e-Ali forced him to agree on marrying Amna (without knowing that Amna is Imama). Amna learns from Dr. Sibt-e-Ali that Salar has changed a lot and now he loves Allah and His Messenger immensely.

When he sees Amna for the first time after the marriage, he finds out that Amna is the Imama he has loved for so long and now she is his wife, again. He gets very happy and thinks that his apology was accepted by Allah and He has united him with the love of his life. Imama and Salar perform Umrah at the end of the novel.

Posted: 03 Dec 2020

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This was my first novel to read, Nicely Summarized!!!
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Mine too...Thanks :)
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Ever green story line and love synopsis. Also the great epitome of PEER E KAMIL (SAW).
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Thanks Nayab :)
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It is good but manto is best
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