WE are all sick, we are all suffering and we are all a mess; a mess that can never be made perfect again and we are all dying.

    Biologically speaking, Dying is the process of permanent and irreversible cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism. Death is a guest that comes knocking at everyone’s door. The thing that bugs me the most is the fact that most of us are already dead even though we are very much alive, biologically. This makes me wonder why has this happened to us? It makes me think that why are we, the best creation of God, not living? Why is there so much pain and suffering in this world where every religion teaches peace, at least for among them? What disease has eradicated the whole of humanity in a single wave? Why we aren’t able to find a cure for all our suffering? There are a lot of questions but very few answers.

  In my opinion, the disease isn’t in our bodies, it is in our minds. It has set its roots too deep that it isn’t easy to eradicate it. It is a demon that is haunting us all. We all have lost our perfections and we are nothing but useless, worthless idiots.

 Indeed, we are messed up but there is a cause behind everything. Everything that happens around us is because of a cause, a stimulus that is strong enough to change a thing or a person. Every person in the world falls for someone in his life and when he falls, he literally falls. I don’t say that because I am against love or relationships, I say so because I think so. The cause for someone’s fall could be anything but the cause of the fall of humanity is humans not rising after they fall, physically or mentally.

 We learn a lot of things in our lives and science says that learning is not predetermined; it is based on personal experiences and their outcomes. Outcomes, make or mar our lives.  Once in a lifetime, we see a person and he becomes the cause of all happenings in our life. We take him as our soulmate, a person who will stand by us through thick and thin but that is not correct. When the bad time comes, we see no one but ourselves standing alone with us. The cause of our troubles is no longer with us. The person who changed everything for us or at least we thought so, is no longer with us. When such time comes, we are left with nothing but regret. Now, feelings are an essential part of life but having too much of them isn’t good for us either. In the above-discussed scenario, love, trust, expectations were involved and they all did the damage. Some people trust too much, some don’t and when we see it worldwide, the numbers go in billions. Such things set their roots deep in our brains and annihilate their ability to work properly. That destruction multiplied by the factor of a million or billion is what’s causing humanity to suffer a fall and we haven’t even realized that yet.  

Realities aren’t beautiful but we need to face them. Facing them is the way we survive and then live, not just biologically but happily to the fullest. We, the humans, are the masters of evading our problems. We have been doing it for so long that they are piling up and the upcoming generations are going to have to deal with them. None of us would ever want our children or anyone else to blame us for their problems. The things we do are the way we are remembered after we are buried deep in the ground. What we are conveying is the message of evading problems and not solving them. This is going to dig humanity a grave so deeper that it will never rise again.

The demons in our minds have turned us against each other. There is the merciless killing of nations by other nations just for the sake of power. All of us want to dominate the world but with the things we are doing for it, there won’t be any world left to dominate. The time is not far when greatness will be measured by the number of nations a ruler has annihilated.

We are the ones who are going to cause the fall of humanity and we are the ones that can save it. It is up to us on which side we stand.

Posted: 11 Dec 2020

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Some realities are beautiful.You, your posts and things around you. Sometime we just need some focus to not care about just falls but also raises. Btw I Love your content <3
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Concept 👌🏻💯
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Your words can make anyone to think what's life is!
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