Welcome to the world we live in. This world is full of surprises and it can surprise you anywhere and anytime. You can’t even imagine what this world has to offer for you. I may not have lived in this world for long, but  I can say with certainty that it has never ceased to amaze me.

 You can see heaven in one’s eyes or you can see the hell burning inside someone else’s. Both of them are actually the same. Life starts and people start dreaming about a beautiful future, their eyes shining with the tint of dreams and ambitions. The shine is so divine and sacred that it can make people turn back to life. People with no desire to live start to consider living life to the fullest.

 For a man with no affection for life, it seems that the person is relishing his life and having eternal bliss within this transient world. It seems there is heaven in his eyes and you just want to lose yourself in that heaven, trying to find yourself which was lost long ago.

Then, you remember about your past how you turned away from life. Years back, you were full of dreams and desires and passion was part of your blood and you dared to do whatever you wanted, but, all you wanted to do was love and live a peaceful life.

      The worst side of the world can be seen by showing your best side.  

You decided to love, love your dreams, and set on the path for them but all you ever got were hurdles; disappointments; emotional attachments that can devastate your life; people that can turn you into a deviant monster who, by themselves are far worse than that; people that can take away your soul, turning you into a soulless person but wait, does a person without soul live?

 No, it only breathes.

Your heart was shattered into pieces and no one supported you. No one wanted to hear your story for no one ever likes the symphonies of broken strings of a guitar. Then, you decided to step away from that so-called life, drain every drop of dream and passion from your blood; the passion that was your pride once.

You did that and then, turned into the person you hated the most. That is the WORLD for you, the world that can change everything, turn angels into Satan, dreams into nightmares, and love into hatred and anger. This world is miraculous beyond your thinking. You think again about the eyes you were looking in, the eyes with heaven trapped inside them trying to find its way to come out and make the world a better place for people to live. You look away from those eyes because years ago, they were yours. Years ago when you used to see in the mirror, you saw dreams and desires and now when you see in the mirror, all you see is disappointment and void. That’s the reality of the world. It is miraculous and can turn anything into anything.

The Alchemists wanted to make such things that can give people eternal life, a life without diseases, a life without death and I’m sure they might have lived alone or in a time where people cared about the dreams and desires of others. If they had known the reality of the WORLD, they would not have given a thought about this stupid idea.

     Life is a gift, they say, you have to lose everything for it, they never say.

And once again, welcome to the miraculous world we live in.     

Posted: 20 Dec 2020

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Everytime we lose ourselves while chasing our dreams
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"The worst side of the world can be seen by showing your best side." .... This is soo true 💯
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The world we die* in. . . . . . . Everyday
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