The world we live in now is so different from what it used to be. I remember when I grew up, social media wasn’t a big part of our lives or I can say that it barely existed at all. Science and Technology have this amazing ability to amaze humans. The inventions seem to captivate us so well that we don’t even bother to think about their consequences. Our lives have been hit by a storm of social media and all such stuff and it might have ruined our lives.

We are connected to so many people on social media that we barely have time for people in our real lives. There might be another possibility that we don’t have people and friends in our real lives that’s why we are connected to people on social media. Still, I want to ask a question, “WHY SO SOCIAL?”

The way I see social media is not as a platform of connections but as a means to alleviate our loneliness. Believe me, this world isn’t good enough for us, or is it the other way round?

The absence of emotions in our lives has made us hollow. We feel no love, we are not kind and we are everything but good. What we are now is a far cry from what we should be but we have no one else to blame.

Such a pity it is having hundreds of friends on social media and still not having a shoulder to cry on or having someone to share our happiness.

 What social media has provided us is a virtual world, it might seem beautiful for some time but, believe me; it is ugly beyond our imagination. I can’t just blame social media or inventions for our loneliness but it has played its part just right. What social media has ensured is connecting people from the corners of the world but at the same time, pushing the ones close to us away.

Sometimes, I envy people of the past. They had no such connections to the world and had no worries. Suppose we read about someone’s suicide on the internet and the cause happens to be depression or family pressure. Now, we start comparing it with our lives. We all are fighting our own war against depression. Hearing such news makes us just want to give up but we can’t just give up. No matter how broken and depressed we are, we still have dreams that we want to fulfill. No matter how broken we are; there is always a part of us that wants not only to survive but to be known.

Suicide isn’t just the loss of one life; it marks a significant event that a person who was battling for so long has finally succumbed and his adversaries have won. Such an event makes us ponder that fighting such a battle is useless and we should just yield and end the vicious cycle of suffering for good. Now, it hadn’t got the news at all, we shouldn’t have thought about giving up and which in turn might have saved us. The scenario in which there is a tinniest probability that someone can be saved is the best-case scenario for me, but that might not be the way all of us think.

Whether social media is good or not is someone’s own decision to make but the thing on which everyone should agree is that being so much social isn’t good for us.

                         “You all are given a life, live it.”        

Posted: 04 Dec 2020

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Yes, being so much social is not good..
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