Stop Spending So Much Time in Your Head

In everyday life, we face a lot of difficulties, and many times we get stuck in the problems. When someone talks rudely with us or does anything that is against us, then we start thinking about it. We spend day and night thinking about the things that we do not want to think about and that we shouldn't think about. We lose too much energy on our useless thoughts. These thoughts affect our work, personal, and social life too.

We are scared about the things that we want to do but we think about what the people will say and do not do it. We should stop thinking about the people or society and start feeling the happiness. If you feel happy to do a thing, then do not feel shy and do it right now. Think that no one will judge you and if someone does this, then do not think about them and just feel the happiness.

Your mind can become your worst enemy or your best friend. It is up to you what you want to make it. It is the most important and practical skill that you should learn. You should choose what thoughts are helpful for you or what thoughts are useless. William James said:

‘If you can change your mind, you can change your life.’

Some people think that people are not loyal, and it is good to be not attached to anyone but actually, they are not thinking that everyone is not the same. They do not think that no one has not made mistakes. They do not stop the negative thoughts and do not feel the beauty of life.

When we think too much, our stress level increases that become the cause of serious physical health problems. If we think too much then it will lead us to sadness and depression, and also to suicidal thoughts.

Some tips that you should do to avoid useless thoughts:

  • Accept all the situations in the way they are.
  • Do not try to change anyone.
  • Busy yourself in productive work so you do not have time to think useless thoughts.
  • Try to appreciate others.
  • Do not be too hard on yourself.
  • Do not think about the past, only think about the present.
  • Be more positive about your life.

Which thoughts are useful?

For Solving Issues

Always make your decisions after thinking and make clear judgments. Think that is it really a problem? And then think about the multiple solutions and then choose one solution that has no or fewer drawbacks than others.

For Understanding Knowledge

When you want to understand different things, that is good for your career, relationships, and life.

Ignore every other thought except the above two. If you are thinking about any other thing, then your mind is not trained yet to accept all the situations. You have to train it; it takes time and effort, but you have to do it for your future. If you want to train your mind, then the article (Learn to train your Mind) will definitely help you.


Posted: 15 Feb 2021

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