Suicidal Thoughts - II

It’s the Second Part of the Story. Before reading this part, Read Suicidal Thought - I.

(Conversation between Laila and Abdul)

Laila: How are you, Abdul?

Abdul: I am fine my wife…

Laila: You don’t look fine dear… You look very worried and lost for the last 4,5 days.

Abdul: Passed a little smile and said nothing…

Laila: Darling you can’t make me fool… I know we are going through a lot of troubles but believe me, whatever you are providing us is enough. Don’t lose hope, my dear… It will pass soon … We both will work together for ourselves and our children.

Abdul: Thanks for understanding but…

Laila: But what?

Abdul: This isn’t enough for us. I am just a cobbler, I don’t earn much for us … How will I manage my children’s future? How will I provide them a better life? I don’t want my children to be like I am now… What if they hate their father in the future? I am sorry Laila but I don’t want to live anymore.

Laila got shocked after hearing this from his Husband. She got sad, her eyes were full of tears. She looked at her husband and said,  Abdul?” but Abdul didn’t respond…He was lost in his own thoughts… He was feeling so miserable for not doing anything for his small family.

Abdul? Laila called him again … Abdul looked at her and started crying …

Laila tried to console him but he couldn’t understand, No words were enough for him so he stood up and smashed his head in the wall…

No, Abdul no, don’t do this, this is not the way, “You are harming yourself”, said Laila while trying to stop him

The neighbors rushed to their house after hearing noises. They stopped Abdul from injuring himself and called the ambulance because Abdul was injured a lot.

Shazia and Zahid asked Laila about the whole situation. Laila told them about their miseries… Shazia and Zahid were neighbors, they were like family to them and they were unaware of Abdul’s thoughts. “Don’t worry Laila” said Shazia in the hospital. “Everything will be fine soon”. We will talk to Abdul…

Laila thanked them and then they all moved home together after Abdul’s discharge.

“I want to take rest Laila”, said Abdul after reaching home. Laila prepared the bed for him and helped him lay in bed peacefully… “She kissed his head” and said “I love you”, You are not alone my love, I’m with you.  Abdul smiled and replied “I love you too” and slept.

 (Life before marriage)

Abdul was from a middle-class family… He was the elder among his siblings and was a happy-go-lucky boy. At school, he was an average student but he had many dreams that he wanted to fulfill... But who knows what God wills for him… His father died when he was in 7th standard who was the only one to provide for his family…

"Sometimes, life turns its way so strangely that you can’t reach your destination". Unfortunately, after the death of his father, he had to earn for his family so he left his school and started working at different places such as shops, garages, and hotels, etc. so that he could earn for his family. He suffered a lot in his early life which taught him to survive in his worst situations. A happy-go-lucky boy turned into a mature boy

On the other hand, Laila was from a poor family. She was a sensible and mature girl. She completed her Matric from Govt Girls School and she was very good at studies. She was a skillful girl and was good at sewing, stitching, and cooking.

Laiba and Abdul fell in love with each other in their first encounter. It was the Love at First Sight and they decided to marry. Abdul was 20 years old and Laila was 19 years old… As the condition of their families was normal, they got married in a simple way.  After a year, Laila gave birth to a baby girl and after 2 years, Aftaab was born.

"Everything goes well when life favors you But when the tides turn, everything changes".

You can go from the top to bottom and sometimes bottom to top … In their case, life took a bad turn…Difficulties were at their peak… Laila couldn’t get the time to give helping hands to his husband because she was busy taking take of her children… On the other hand, Abdul had lost all the hopes of living better life…

"In a world, where everything is temporary, whether it’s joy or happiness, ups or downs, rise or fall, only the courageous people manage to live this temporary life with gratitude while others lose hope in such circumstances’’ What will Abdul do to his life? will he fight or not? Wait for the last part...

Posted: 21 May 2021

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Very Interesting Story👌
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Misbah Thank you:) Stay blessed:)
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Mr Abdul got married at an early age. He must focus on his career. The story seems modern so I made my witty remarks. Anyhow, It is good effort. Keep it up. And, I do hope, conclusion is going to amaze the readers.
() (126 days, 17 hours, 27 minutes ago)


ShawK yeah.. You have noted a good point but life is different for all... Just wait for the last part .. Hope you will like it..
() (125 days, 17 hours, 40 minutes ago)